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Wrights of Glasgow



30th of October, 2023


This years Choosing dinner was hosted by Stephen Osborne, the crafts new Deacon.The dinner was held in the held in the beautiful GrandHall that bears a unique hand painted and gilded frieze. The walls have mounted paintings of past Deacons and Sellars’mahogany panels, bearing the names of past and present Deacon Conveners.

The white marble Robert Adams fireplace is a most talked about feature of the hall.

As is tradition the usual ceremony of the Two Trumpeters, George Fleming and Jack Walker, announced the procession of the Top Table. Then Auld Deacon Stewart Hamilton Piped in all the members of the top table (listed below), followed by other members of the chain gang.

The top table consisted of:-The Deacon, Stephen Osborne,Past Deacon, Gillian Christensen, The Deacon Convener Bruce Reidford, Collector of the House Richard Patterson,Deacon of the Masons of Glasgow Grant McLeod, Deacon of the Bakers of Glasgow Anne Dobson, Deacon of the Masons, Grant McLeod, Deacon of the Maltmen David Moore, Master of the Guild of Freemen John Garbutt, Lord Dean of Guild, Andrew McFarlane and Clerk Tom Monteith.

Our Toastmaster Adrian Pierotti, kept the evening in perfect flow.A delightful dinner was served, whilst the pianist Sheena Crichton played delightful music, interrupted by the many toasts to our guests.

Our choosing dinner like many other crafts is an important opportunity to meet the prize winners six of whom were from the City of Glasgow College and one from Glasgow Clyde College.

The severn prize winners were chosen from the the Craftext competition that was held in Trades House in June of this year.

Each of the winning exhibits were on display at the dinner for all guests to view. These exhibits showed a very high level of skills and craftsmanship.

The Wright’s Director of Education Auld Deacon John Walker spoke about the Craftex completion. George McNeillie, curriculum head of Glasgow College introduced the prize winners individually and  gave a short resume, before they were congratulated by the Deacon and presented with a certificate and monetary prizes.

We are very proud of the quality and skills of these prize winners, that are at the fundamental core of our craft.

1) David Robinson -Small Carcusnh

2) Mariola KwiecieĊ„ -Medieval Chair

3) Jess Sykes Nakashima Chair

4) Lucas Davidson -Isana Bench

5) Corrie Thompson -Windsor Bench

6) Mark Walters -Z Chair

7) Stephen Scott -Bass Guitar

After a short break which gave opportunity to view the excellent prize pieces a number of  speeches were given around visiting deputations from the Incorporation of Bakers and the Incorporation of Masons with slant of traditional banta.

Excellent further entertainment was performed by accordionist/guitarist Cavan Rodgers and fiddler /singer, Isla Ratcliff.

A wonderful evening.